10 small but well-used kitchens

Most times, however much you wish, your kitchen will not grow, either by magic or by extension. With these 10 examples you will see that you can take advantage of the space in a small kitchen and just applying some small tricks. Without further delay let's go there.

10 small but well-used kitchens

Do you need a table in your kitchen and you do not fit? Well look what a more interesting solution. Install a folding table on the wall and you can have breakfast and even eat in the kitchen.

10 small but well-used kitchens 1

When you do not know where to store the kitchenware, perhaps the best solution is to expose it to the wall. Bars for hanging pans and pans and magnetic solutions for knives are good ideas. So are the shelves, so in vogue lately.

10 small but well-used kitchens 2

Borrowing some space from the nearest room can also be a good solution to decongest your little kitchen. The living room or even the hall can be looted freely for this purpose.

10 small but well-used kitchens 3

Shelving is a great solution to take advantage of vertical space in small kitchens. It is usually the least exploited.

10 small but well-used kitchens 4

That absurd space wasted on the kitchen cabinets can be used with an idea like this. Install some wooden shelves and a shelf and you will have a large storage area.

10 small but well-used kitchens 5

The kitchen can be used as an extra countertop when we are not using the fires. We just need a board or a cutting board for it.

10 small but well-used kitchens 6

In this small New York kitchen has taken advantage of the space under the window to add more storage space. And even a shelf has been installed that allows you to take something or work with the laptop.

10 small but well-used kitchens 7

Having an island in a small kitchen is quite difficult. But we can use a small island leaning against the wall to expand the work area. The island will have become a peninsula but will be just as practical.

10 small but well-used kitchens 8

It is impossible to deduce but in this kitchen there is an extra drawer very well concealed. It is located at the bottom of the cupboards located next to the kitchen. That little useless space, usually covered with a molding to hide the legs of the cabinets, has been transformed into a large drawer to store things.

10 small but well-used kitchens 9

This kitchen is located in the very entrance of the house. It is a narrow space that, even so, allows to install the necessary accessories for the kitchen.