15 windows kitchen dashboard

If around your kitchen your house has beautiful views there is a great idea to take advantage of them. These are these dashboard windows that we show you below. It is a fantastic decoration that you should keep in mind if you plan to renovate your kitchen. Let's see 15 examples to whet your appetite.

15 windows kitchen dashboard

The horizontal skylights increase the luminosity of the kitchen and are also a decorative complement of the first order. And combined with a dashboard window look great. Your kitchen will look fantastic as you can see above.

15 windows kitchen dashboard 1

Here we see the same idea, combining horizontal skylight and transparent dashboard. As you can see it can be done at different scales according to the size of your house and your kitchen.

15 windows kitchen dashboard 2

In this kitchen we see that the idea has been applied to two walls with which you can enjoy an exceptional luminosity and incredible views.

15 windows kitchen dashboard 3

This idea can be applied in any home as we see here. It is not necessary to have an expectacular garden since you can use plants grown in planters equally.

15 windows kitchen dashboard 4

We now see proposals in which only windows have been used for the dashboard, without the horizontal skylights. It is still an interesting proposal and much more economical when we are talking about a reform.

15 windows kitchen dashboard 5

That green touch and that little bit of light give new air to any kitchen. Although it must be recognized that much better in kitchens decorated in contemporary styles.

15 windows kitchen dashboard 6

In a white, minimalist kitchen, the effect of the green of the plants is much greater and gives us an incredible fresh touch.

15 windows kitchen dashboard 7

In this kitchen we can appreciate that the glossy finish is perfect with the glazes of the glass and the light that lets pass this one.

15 windows kitchen dashboard 8

Light is a decorative element of the highest order and there is never too much in any space and less in the kitchen.

15 windows kitchen dashboard 9

Here the island in black adds contrast and highlights both the furniture in earth tones and the rest of the white kitchen. At the same time it underlines the effect of the natural dashboard.

15 windows kitchen dashboard 10

The white, the copper and the wood of this kitchen are accentuated by that green mass so thick that is able to see through the dashboard.

15 windows kitchen dashboard 11

Here the effect of the transparent dashboard is increased with a huge window that shows a good collection of plants. The wood of the floor and the stools makes this kitchen very natural.

15 windows kitchen dashboard 12

Another proposal with cupboards in white, smooth, dark wood floor and a glazed superluminoso as dashboard.

15 windows kitchen dashboard 13

A succession of windows and a large transparent dashboard make this kitchen a bright and fully open to the outside.

15 windows kitchen dashboard 14

This time we see how wooden color cabinets are also a good choice to frame a transparent and super green dashboard.