18 outdoor sofas

If you like to get together with your friends and family in the garden or the terrace you need one of these sofas. The experience will be much more pleasant and comfortable. Let's see these 18 outdoor sofas and with any of them your outdoor living room will be perfectly decorated.

18 outdoor sofas

Corner or L-shaped sofas are ideal for creating an outdoor seating area. Its shape will help us delimit the space that we want to dedicate to this purpose in our garden or terrace. In addition you can find many models that offer you extra storage space to store objects.

18 Outdoor sofas 1 18 Outdoor sofas 2

Sofa with minimalist design in wood and gray. You will look great in a contemporary style patio.

18 Outdoor sofas 3

Obviously the corner sofas allow us to take advantage of any corner of our garden. This idea is not bad to take advantage of those wooden walls and integrate them into space.

18 Outdoor sofas 4

Fantastic Scandinavian living area combining worn wood and cement.

18 Outdoor sofas 5

This minimalist-inspired sofa looks great on the wooden deck.

18 outdoor sofas 6

If we dare we can try with black and white prints like those of these cushions.

18 outdoor sofas 7

There are many DIY projects that we can use to create our space personally.

18 outdoor sofas 8

And if we prefer to give the wood a little color and protection there is a large assortment of lacquers and varnishes for it.

18 Outdoor sofas 9

But not everything will be great areas of rest. We can also create small corners or as adapted as possible to the size of our patio.

18 Outdoor sofas 10

These modern wooden sofas fit practically anywhere and are very practical and sturdy.

18 outdoor sofas 11

Some even with sculptural aspirations like this magnificent specimen.

18 outdoor sofas 12

This sofa for example can decorate any corner by itself. Old and worn wood is an incredible material.

18 Outdoor sofas 13

Same as the salvaged pieces of the past. This vintage couch complemented by gray cushions is a good example of this.

18 outdoor sofas 14

The wicker has a fantastic vintage air. You will look great in a boho chic inspired décor.

18 outdoor sofas 15

This large sofa with metal structure and braided rope is light and inviting.

18 outdoor sofas 16

Thick wicker sofa that will certainly look spectacular in any environment. An incredible piece.

18 Outdoor sofas 17

Fantastic terrace facing the sea decorated with sofas and tables inspired by DIY projects made with palet wood.

18 Outdoor sofas 18

Another idea of ​​wooden sofas that are complemented by cushions in navy blue and stamped to match. A fresh and functional idea.