7 ways to hide those little everyday horrors

It's not like we have to hide any corpse in the closet. Although Halloween is so close! No, it's simply a matter of removing from sight those little things that make our lives easier but, truth be told, they do not stand out because of their design and beauty. The garbage can, some old slippers or the TV cables are some example of our current daily life.

7 ways to hide those little everyday horrors

We are going to see seven proposals that will help us to hide those little horrors. Man, this is like everything, there will be people who will think that it is not so much and others who can not see the light switch without thinking, but how ugly you are condemned!

7 ways to hide those little daily horrors 1

I think we will all agree that the wires for electrical and electronic household appliances are not pretty. In the case of the television, always in such a regal position in the living room, it is even more remarkable. Preventing your cables from being seen will allow you to show off a perfect decoration. They can be hidden from view with a simple trick like this, cables have been passed through the center of the sideboard and books have been placed in front of them that hide them from view. Simple! but very effective.

7 ways to hide those small daily horrors 2

If the thermostat of the air conditioning of your house causes you uneasiness you can hide it with a frame fixed with hinges like this one. If it's modern, digital and cool, it does not matter to you, but if it's an older model, you'd rather see any image.

7 ways to hide those little everyday horrors 3

The tablet, the mobile phone, the laptop... today there are endless electronic objects put to recharge throughout the house. It is not very decorative to say. A great idea is to mount a cargo drawer like the one we see above or create any charging station that is disguised. It is a perfect solution both from the aesthetic and functional point of view, we will always know where we have plugged the devices.

7 ways to hide those small daily horrors 4

The radiators are very practical in winter but they become very uncomfortable guests the rest of the year. Here we have a very current DIY solution, made with a pallet, to hide that anachronistic device when the heat is squeezed.

7 ways to hide those small daily horrors 5

Many kitchens already have a closet for the garbage can, but if this is not your case and you want to take this inevitable addition out of your sight, you can resort to an idea like this one. Without having to remodel the entire kitchen you can buy a piece of furniture to store the garbage can, which will be combined with the rest of the furniture. You can also opt for a DIY proposal like the one above.

7 ways to hide those little daily horrors 6

There are many ideas out there to hide drawers on the stairs. It can be a complex solution that is not available to anyone. It will be much easier to take advantage of the stairwell. You can make custom cabinets and drawers to store all that we do not want to see in between, slippers, umbrellas, coats and others.

7 ways to hide those little everyday horrors 7

Cats are great pets that never ask you to go for a"walk". They manage very well with a sandbox to relieve themselves but, of course, it is not very decorative to say. Why not give our kittens a WC? Our decoration will earn points and they will have a place reserved for their needs. This ingenious DIY idea has transformed an auxiliary table in the kitty's toilet with only a small curtain and a few meters of rope for the pussycat to sharpen its claws.