9 tips to make your room a healthy space

Surely you sound the expression"building sick"and sure that most people do not think that your bedroom can contain some of the materials that characterize the buildings that suffer the so-called sick building syndrome. According to the WHO are those that produce in which they inhabit health problems caused by the air pollution inside. We will see a few tips to make your room a healthy space.


1.- It may be paradoxical but the first thing to improve the air quality of our room is to open the windows every day. Good ventilation is essential to enjoy a healthy air.

2.- Having a plant or two in the bedroom will also help improve the quality of the air, even if it is a little plants release oxygen and even some have the power to absorb vapors and harmful compounds.

3.- An air purifier is an electrical appliance that acts as a filter that retains dust, mites and other air pollutants.


4.- But even with a good air purifier, do not neglect cleaning. The less dust in the room the better. Do not forget the corners when cleaning the room.

5.- Washing bed linen once a week is essential to keep it clean and free of pathogens, mites and dead cells.

6.- Airing daily bedding is also a good practice. Open the bed when you get up by carefully separating the duvet from the bottom sheet and leave the window open for a few minutes each morning.


7.- The natural materials are the healthiest, we must take into account what type of pillow we use because we spend 8 hours with the head resting on it. The safest foam is natural latex.

8- The mattress can also contain many chemicals, from certain foams to additives that act as fire retardants. Choosing one that is free of materials that can release harmful gases is critical.

9.- Another issue that people do not usually take into account is the pollution derived from electronic gadgets, especially office supplies such as laser printers should always be out of the room. As for televisions and computers it will not be too much to have them in another room.

Photos: wikimedia.com; Pinterest.com