Fashions come and go and, every so often we see how they come back because they are renewed or merged with others. On this occasion I will share with you 3 styles of decoration that still set a trend. Take note!   […]

Currently there are many houses that do not have enough space in each room. That is why we usually see many small and elongated kitchens. If this is also your case, surely you want to know some tips to decorate a small elongated kitchen.   […]

Before putting yourself to make the curtains, or to order them, you must take into account the measures. These should be calculated based on the size of the window you wish to cover. Therefore, below, I give you some tips to calculate the size of the cu   […]

We love the kitchen, not only because it is there where we make our most delicious preparations, but because it is one of the spaces that connects us with the living room and the dining room. Therefore, you have to choose a beautiful coating for the wall   […]