Beautiful children's rooms in shabby chic style

He Shabby chic style Is one of those that you have to consider when you go to mount the room of your future baby or renew the one of your little girl. It is a romantic and classic airy style, laid back and with a certain casualness that looks great in the bedrooms for the little ones in the house. If you have a girl with more reason because shabby chic is a very feminine style and although it can be as simple or complex as you want in it white and light colors are perfect. Without further delay let's take a look at these beautiful children's rooms in shabby chic style that we have collected for you.


The wood in the furniture as in the floor or the walls is one of the materials most used in the decorative style that occupies us. It must always be present in at least one of the elements that make up the decoration.


As for the colors we will follow the style guidelines, white, pink, blue and any other similar color in low intensity tones are the most used. Colors that by the way are ideal to create a relaxed atmosphere in our children's room.



The shabby chic serves us to decorate both the room of our 'little women' and that of our little boy newly arrived in the family. Although the feminine air of the style is certainly undeniable.



Like all decorative styles, and like almost everything in this life, shabby chic has many different looks and the same can have a minimalist face as another full of complements and details. It is a rich style that allows us a great game when it is used in the decoration of any children's room.



Another element to take care especially in this decorative style are textiles. Textiles rich in floral prints, flyers and accessories.




Whether you go to build a nursery or your little ones' room, the shabby chic is large enough and has enough versions to cover all your needs. Although shabby chic is a style that is usually labeled as feminine it does not prevent us from decorating the boys room in this style. It is only a matter of choosing the right accessories and the appropriate version of furniture and colors.




In the shabby chic the vintage air complements are perfect, so we can get a very modern decoration. It is also a practical style that offers us a lot of margins when it comes to choosing storage and organizing furniture.



The shabby chic is much more than the pink and the floral prints. It allows us to construct very interesting creations to create a calm and placid environment where our small and small can feel at ease.