Choose the dishwasher that best suits our kitchen

Experts confirm that the use of a dishwasher means a reduction in water consumption with respect to washing dishes by hand. For this reason, and due to the convenience it entails, many families have installed one of these appliances in their homes. However, it is not always possible to combine decoration and comfort in a kitchen, that's why a recommendation is to buy models that can be adjusted to the decoration of our house, such as, for example, Bosch aesthetic dishwashers .

Choose the dishwasher that best suits our kitchen

Before starting to compare dishwasher models, it is advisable that we look at the aesthetics of the rest of kitchen appliances. In this way, we will achieve a visual harmony between the oven, the refrigerator, the microwave and the new acquisition. However, sometimes it is not possible to combine all these elements, either because the rest of the appliances are hidden, covered or simply have a very particular aesthetic. In any case, it is important to take a look at the most aesthetic models of the market so that utility and decoration fit perfectly.

Gray models

Gray is an ideal color for those kitchens that have a modern and modern decoration. Likewise, they bring great elegance to the environment.

  • Bosch SMS46MI08E : Made of stainless steel, this dishwasher is covered with a material that protects it from unsightly fingerprints and dangerous scratches. This way, you will not have to worry about passing a cloth to clean its surface constantly. On the other hand, its design is characterized by simplicity, since the screen is very discreet. This model is available in the market for about 460 euros.
  • AEG FFB93700PM : It is a dishwasher made in light metallic gray. The programming screen is at the top and is black. This machine can be found for around 670 euros.

Blank models

The appliances in white color have a great versatility, since they can be integrated both in rustic kitchens and in the most modern ones.

  • Balay 3VF305NA : Balay has released a white model that includes an elegant metallic gray handle. Likewise, the programmed controls are out of sight when it is closed. You can find this model for about 340 euros.
  • Bosch SMV51E40EU : With a price around 400 euros, Bosh presents a blank model. This model has the programming controls in the upper part, so that they are out of the visual field when it is closed. This allows to maintain a minimalist aesthetic in the kitchen.

Models in black

This color is one of the most novel inclusions that the world of household appliances has experienced in recent times. It is characterized by providing a distinctive tone to the kitchen, giving it a new air that shies away from a traditional aesthetic.

  • Bosch SMS46IB03E : For 465 euros we can find an exclusive model in black for our kitchen.
  • AEG FUB52600 : AEG has also released a dishwasher in this color, adding to an innovative and modern aesthetic. It is possible to get one for 615 euros.