Christmas trees ideal for small spaces

We are all happy with the arrival of the Christmas and we only think about the Christmas tree, the details that we are going to add to the lacquer decoration and the gifts. But there are many who also suffer in this time, why? Because they have little space at home and thinking about having a beautiful Christmas tree is impossible, they have nowhere to put it! We must not let the limitations of space prevent us from enjoying Christmas at home and the wonderful decorative details we can make for this date. Even when we do not have space we can have a beautiful and original tree in which we can share with family all the gifts. Even if there are kids at home and we do not even have space for their own toys. These 8 creative ideas and DIY are the perfect solution And designed for all budgets!

Christmas trees ideal for small spaces

Rustic air and classic colors, this idea is perfect! We can create a rustic Christmas tree for our wall with some branches and recycled wood. With the wood we will make the central trunk and with the natural branches we will assemble the rest of the structure. We can fix them with nails, wire and even paste them. Then decorate! Some ribbons and some Christmas balls or bells.

Christmas trees ideal for small spaces 1

Simple and elegant with very few materials. Attach removable adhesive hooks to the wall and with garlands of green leaves and others of colors we can create an original and very simple tree. We will go rotating the garland by the hooks that we fix to the wall and we can even add some LED lights. Another additional detail that you can add is a skirt for the tree base. When the Christmas season ends we just have to remove everything and remove the hooks from our wall. Just remember to use removable adhesives that do not damage the paint on the wall. ????

Christmas trees ideal for small spaces 2

A super simple tree to decorate the entrance to our house or our apartment, why? Because using paper to wrap gifts, ribbons and ribbons and we can mount a beautiful tree like this ???? We will add a beautiful and cheerful Christmas tree in just mintutos. And it will be perfect to leave all our gifts. For this they can add a bench, a basket or a small rug.

Christmas trees ideal for small spaces 3

If we do not have a wall available... we can take advantage of a piece of furniture! And recycle materials to make a beautiful and original idea. Look for recycled woods in your nearest store and create a beautiful table tree. To combine different colors of wood is a very good idea and we can decorate it only with colored balls (that we can stick to the wood). We put it on a table or desk, and leaning against the wall and ready!

Christmas trees ideal for small spaces 4

A proposal that combines a simple tree wall and all those Christmas cards that we receive every year where to show them? In your new wall Christmas tree. We cut a silhouette in wood or plywood, we added some hooks and we passed thread or wool from one side of the tree to the other. So we will have space and perfect support to decorate our tree with all the Christmas cards we receive from our friends and family.

Christmas trees ideal for small spaces 5

Easy and beautiful, ideal to do with the kids in the house! A green washi tapes and a felt or wool pompoms is all you need. We assemble the silhouette of the tree on the wall with the washi tapes and decorate with pompoms! It will be an activity that children will adore and enjoy fully. And we will have a nice Christmas tree.

Christmas trees ideal for small spaces 6

A special idea for the heart crafter! By cutting a collection of paper circles about 3 to 5 inches, we can let the children put on this fun Christmas tree. A few pieces of double-sided tape on the back of the pieces is all you need. And do not forget to prepare a fun star ð??????

Christmas trees ideal for small spaces 7

Integrating Christmas and the things of the kids in the house. Take advantage of perforated plates to cut a tree silhouette. We paint it green with spray paint or acrylic paint and fix the board to the wall. Remember to generate space between the board and the wall (you can do it with some washers or screws) when fixing it to the wall. And decorate with some Christmas decorations and even some Christmas toys for the kids. They will love to play and enjoy this Christmas corner at home.