Colors to decorate the room

The living room is one of the most important rooms of the home, since we spend a great part of the day, either alone or in family. For this reason, it is convenient to choose an appropriate style that combines with the rest of the decoration.

Colors to decorate the living room3

If the decoration of your living room is boring, I will tell you how to renew it with some color that is setting a trend.


Colors to decorate the room

If you have wooden furniture, one of the best colors to decorate the living room is gray . The rusticity of the wood and the elegance of the gray color are perfect for this home environment. Gray is an achromatic color, just like white and black, so it usually combines with any color. In addition, it brings peace and tranquility.


Colors to decorate the living room 1

The color blue is one of the most demanded primary colors in the world of decoration that is related to the Navy style. However, it should not be linked to the sailors details if you want to introduce it in your home. Blue transmits freshness, favors positive thinking and produces a calming and reassuring effect. The best thing about this color is that you can find it in different intensities, so you will not have any problems when choosing the ideal tone to decorate the living room .


Colors to decorate room 2

If you want your living room to look modern, paint it purple . This color combines perfectly with lighter shades such as white or cream, which will give light to the environment. In addition, purple is one of the most spiritual colors and in fact it is sacred in many religions. This color has effects on the mind and psychiatrists use it to calm and calm patients, as it transmits peace and helps fight fears. Purple is also related to mystery, creativity, introspection, fantasy, great ideals.


Colors to decorate room 3

It is one of the most cheerful colors that exist and with it you can decorate both the living room and the room or the kitchen. The problem is that it can be too heavy if you use it excessively, so you should combine it with other lighter colors such as beige or white, or use it only on a wall like accent wall .