Decorate for Christmas in many colors

From time to time it is good to get out of the classic Christmas color combinations. Let's leave the red and green sideways and decorate our house in such a way that we change Christmas completely. Let's surprise our guests and ourselves. From pink and green to silver and gold, all new and daring combinations with which we will learn how to obtain a festive decoration that will make us happy and make our whole house shine with color.

Decorate for Christmas in many colors

Orange, brown, turquoise, silver, gold and also red, green and white but combined in different ways will surprise you with the results!

With a base of silver and gold, we can combine them with cream and green. In this living room, the fireplace has been used to add different ornaments and decorative accessories in this beautiful range of colors. With the"plus"in the Christmas tree of a little blue (next to the silver and gold color) that makes it shine and stand out. Do not forget that adding the range of colors chosen to gift wrappings is a good touch.

Decorate for Christmas in many colors 1

Blue and white! a duo that imitates the icy colors of winter and that is perfect to decorate at Christmas. The birch trunks, the pineapples and the branches in the white ceramic vases give a nice touch as the country of the winter wonders. An extra accent: the velvet ribbon and transparent blue cups.

Decorate for Christmas in many colors 2

Come now with red and brown ???? This combination of Christmas colors will serve to give our home a vintage look for these holidays. Burlap is a great ally for this. Ties, carpets, cushions... and all the nice things we can do with it. The small toy truck combining this range of colors is great and its vintage style makes it even more perfect. It gives us that nostalgic air...

Decorate for Christmas in many colors 3

And now it is the turn of bluish green (turquoise too) and bright red (in the style of red fruits such as cherry or blueberry) Although it is classic, it comes out of traditional tones. It is a good proposal to decorate the table for Christmas night. A tablecloth in turquoise, cards with photos of the family along with some more classic Christmas details such as white saplings with turquoise pearls. Colored tulips, snowflakes made of paper or white cardboard and napkins with bluish tones - a wonderful combination!

Decorate for Christmas in many colors 4

Multicolored! Not one but all colors, what fun Christmas! All the colors of the rainbow that are so beautiful and so happy make us all. They are perfect to add joy to the Christmas decoration of the house. A good idea is to create mini trees and crowns with colored balls by removing the covers of each ornament and sticking them with the hot glue gun to the foam shapes we have chosen.

Decorate for Christmas in many colors 5

Typically considered a combination of spring, pink and green can transform our Christmas. And this decorative idea is proof of that. Have you ever thought about it? A bright and pink tree in a pot with only a few ornaments with pearls and beads next to the artificial moss that it has in the base. And the other decorative accents have given them with gift wrappings and sofa cushions (which we can use the rest of the year).

Decorate for Christmas in many colors 6

This proposal surprises! Turquoise and orange! What colors to decorate Christmas, bright and contrasting, give a very bold appearance to the decoration. For this he has used a beautiful orange wide ribbon to wrap the gifts, beautiful oranges dress the base of the Christmas tree. On the light blue coffee table we see a blue-green vase with orange flowers and a plate full of Christmas orange spheres. The curtains and cushions complete the whole color scheme next to a tree full of ornaments of different materials in these two wonderful colors.

Decorate for Christmas in many colors 7

A more"land"combination as we might call it. White, green and brown. Perfect to give a more natural look to this Christmas living room. The green and white stockings hang from the mantel of the wood fireplace, and the light brown cushions remain divine in the white armchairs. The Christmas tree has been decorated with decorations not only in this range of colors but also taking into account its materials such as felt, glass, paper and cardboard.

Decorate for Christmas in many colors 8

White and brown! And how chic and delicate this combination is. This minimalist style living room combines in balance with a Christmas decoration with details in brown, gold and silver. The snow-covered Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments in silver and gold and is very large. There are gift packages wrapped in white and brown under the tree. And the glass-topped coffee table has been decorated with beautiful apothecary jars filled with white sweets and Christmas cookies - delicious, delicate and original!

Decorate for Christmas in many colors 9

Another beautiful color combination for Christmas: green, turquoise or blue and silver. They get a very sophisticated Christmas decoration for the living room. It is a very good detail the extra large Christmas stockings or boots that hang from the fireplace next to the lemon cypresses in pots decorated with blue-green paper and green ribbon. You already saw the tree! Ornaments in turquoise, silver and green coordinated with the packages wrapped in blue and white at the foot of the tree. Classic and original at the same time!

Decorate for Christmas in many colors 10

If we want to achieve a more traditional approach to Christmas decoration, we can try a combination of red and white with some touches of green. Three colors that are ideal for decorating the Christmas table. With a base of white, the three colors are combined perfectly by details such as individual napkins, natural branches, white and red Christmas balls, fresh apples and moss. All economic ideas we can do for next Christmas.

Decorate for Christmas in many colors 11

To play with the colors red, natural and white! But balancing them in a natural way so that the Christmas decoration almost goes unnoticed along with the rest of the decoration we already have at home. Some flowers of Easter to take advantage of its purely Christmas color. Combined with some pale pink and silver ornaments placed on a ceramic plate, they are an ideal Christmas decoration. The other useful Christmas detail that compliment the decoration of this room are the green crowns on the background paintings.

Decorate for Christmas in many colors 12

Now let's see the combination of red, natural and white but with a super classic style. But leaving aside the green since it is only present in the Christmas tree. We got a very warm and cozy decoration. Adding cream and red cushions, along with a wreath of cream flowers on the sofa, give a very warm touch to the decor. The tree on the table is decorated with red and white ornaments to complete the color scheme.

Decorate for Christmas in many colors 13

Red, white and blue... what colors! A range of classic colors that suits the Christmas decoration. A beautiful red and blue felt stockings decorated with snowflake appliqu├ęs. The antique wooden skis are a super original detail and that gives an air to divine cold weather. The tree has been decorated with ornaments of traditional design.

Decorate for Christmas in many colors 14