Decoration tricks to make your home safer

The security of a house is one of the biggest concerns of a family. In addition to hiring the services of c home insurance companies , it is very useful to pay attention to small tricks that make us feel more comfortable in our homes. The decoration is also an area that can help us to make our house safer, in this article we bring a couple of tips to achieve it.

Decoration tricks to make your home safer

Thick curtains in the exterior windows

The curtains and blinds, in addition to decorating our house, can be of great help to prevent people who circulate near our homes from seeing the inside of them. Choose some translucent or opaque textile accessories for rooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms... can protect our property from strange looks that can control us.

A good idea to prevent strangers from feeling the temptation to pave your house is to decorate it with furniture that will cover valuable objects. A good option is to choose a piece of furniture with a sliding door to hide the television, a video game console or a sound system at a glance.

Decoration tricks to make your home more secure 1

Camouflage the safes with style

The use of safes is highly recommended if you keep valuables or large amounts of money in your home. Although in the movies the owners of security boxes always keep them behind pictures, there are many more tricks to hide them. A good option is to use shelves with double bottom or even hide them inside a sofa or the bed frame of a bed. If the box is small and you open it in an exceptional way, you can evaluate the option of making a plant with a large pot and hiding it under it. Whatever the chosen method, it is important that you try to camouflage it by helping with the decoration of the home.

Decoration tricks to make your home more secure 2

Strategically decorate your garden

If you live in a house with a garden, it is important that there are no large trees next to the windows of the upper floors, as they could serve as stairs for possible thieves. On the other hand, study the possibility of planting bushes around the closing of the property, in this way, you will manage to keep the privacy of your family safe.