DIY auxiliary table for sofa

The time of sofa and blanket is approaching and we want to show you an ideal complement to this fantastic leisure activity. A DIY side table that you can do with your own hands. That way you will not feel guilty when you are wrapped up in the sofa, covered with the blanket and having your favorite drink while enjoying a good movie.

DIY auxiliary table for sofa

Here you have the simple sample, right? Yes, and a lot, and thanks to the minimalist trends that dominate the current decoration we can make it in natural wood. It is convenient to give a pair of layers of varnish or sealant so that the wood does not stain with the use.

DIY auxiliary table for sofa 1

As you can see it is made to measure so take the measures that we give as guidelines. You will have to measure your sofa and shape the length of the slats to your specific needs. Also the board can make it more or less large according to your personal taste.

DIY auxiliary table for sofa 2

Pine wood has been used but you can use any other type.


  • 3 m wooden slats of pine
  • 30 x 40 cm wooden board
  • wood screws
  • assembly line
  • screwdriver
  • saw and miter box

DIY auxiliary table for sofa 3

The board and base will be the same size, 30 x 40 cm. Cut the slats to form the frames at 45 degrees using the miter box or a jigsaw. We glued and shaped the frame. We will join with screws for a better and more resistant fixation. Install the two vertical rails and screw. Finally we will install the board and screw it to the stringers.

DIY side table for sofa 4

It may seem a bit flimsy structure but keep in mind that the board should rest on the arm of the sofa. This removes much of the load from the vertical pieces. It is important therefore to make the table to fit your sofa.