Hanging Gardens for Your Home

The hanging Gardens Have accompanied humanity since the dawn of civilization. Do not forget that one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World was the hanging gardens of Babylon. Now we can have our own hanging garden in our house and to see how you can do it we have gathered these hanging gardens for your home that will surely inspire you.


Choosing the right plants to create your hanging garden is critical. You have to know their needs and the conditions they need to survive. Some hanging plants have long stems while others have shorter ones but with larger leaves. When choosing your plants and vines try to imagine the complete landscape, combine low plants with other high for a perfect aesthetic.



A hanging garden can be located anywhere in the house, both outdoors and indoors. If the space is reduced you can choose to hang planters or pots, it is the easiest way to create a hanging garden. A very easy solution is to take advantage of the structure of a pergola to create an easy garden pendant with a glycine as we see in the image above.


A patio of lights or a central hole that communicates several heights of the house will also be the ideal place to prepare an interior hanging garden. In the interior you will have to be more careful in choosing the plants to combine them with each other and also to choose the ones that can best grow in low light conditions.


A ladder or a loft will also be a great support for our indoor hanging garden. It can be as lush and leafy as the one you can see above or opt for a solution with less impact and easier sustainability.


These pots next to the railing have been very thought to create a good aesthetic effect that stands out for its elegance and sobriety. A few normal plants and a few pendants are enough to create a simple indoor hanging garden.

Photos: interiorholic.com