How to decorate a rented apartment

If you have rented an apartment and need help to decorate it, you are in the post indicated. We know that most rental contracts prohibit structural alterations in the property and, in fact, the apartment has to be returned under the same conditions that were delivered. But that does not mean you can not make some changes in the department's environments. Because of that, we have gathered some Tips for decorating your house . And the best part is that you will not need big investments or reforms.

How to decorate a rented apartment

Just use your imagination and some time to apply all these tips. With patience your apartment will be the way you've always dreamed.

Invest in the walls

How to decorate a rented apartment

If you go to paint the walls of the apartment , choose soft colors so you do not have much difficulty when you return to the original color. The neutral and clear tones will give the space a feeling of spaciousness. Another creative solution is the wall paper that you can find in different textures, colors and patterns. Easy and practical to apply and remove, it is also an economic alternative that will transform the environment.

In the market there are many tile adhesive options which are perfect to apply in the bathroom and in the kitchen. You can opt for colorful stickers, neutral and printed according to your personal taste and the style of decoration of the environment.

Functional furniture

How to decorate a rented apartment 1

For rented apartments, the best option is versatile and functional furniture, preferably those that are assembled and disassembled. Opt for furniture with sliding doors, as they optimize the space. The shelves can also be installed on the walls to organize and decorate at the same time .

The furniture with wheels are super useful, because they favor the displacement. The bedside tables, racks and many other furniture will make your rooms with personality and organization.


How to decorate a rented apartment 2

Decoration is important in the composition of the environment and should reflect your personality. Place pictures on the walls, decorative objects on the furniture, lamps, curtains in the windows, cushions on the sofa or bed, and so on. Use your imagination and apply what you think is convenient. Remember that the decoration should have your personality . Use creativity and make yourself some decorative objects. You can also encourage yourself to restore furniture.

Do not forget the floor!

How to decorate a rented apartment 3

An excellent option is to invest in a self-adhesive vinyl floor. There are many designs! On the other hand, the carpets in the decoration They provide comfort, warmth and well-being. You can opt for larger dimensions to cover the entire floor, or for smaller models to give a touch to the environment or divide it.

The decoration should always reflect your personal taste and composed by objects that you have chosen yourself. Only in this way will you feel that your house is your true place.