How to live in 13 square meters

The designer Szymon Hanczar transformed with remarkable success the 13 square meters of a room in a small and impressive apartment. How did Hanczar create such a functional space?

How to live in 13 square meters

Next we will see the four master lessons that can be learned from this superefficient apartment.

How to live in 13 square meters 1

In a micro space there is only one way to live fully and it is with the minimum and indispensable. You can not fill it with things because space will become uninhabitable. Szymon does this by applying a Spartan order so that the papers and objects on the furniture do not accumulate. White or any color in a very clear tonality is essential to have a bright atmosphere. The few furniture must fulfill the greatest number of functions,

How to live in 13 square meters 2

It is vital to make the most of storage space. The dresser is used to store most of Szymon's clothes and the closet for large pieces and some appliances such as vacuum cleaner and washing machine.

How to live in 13 square meters 3

When the horizontal space is very small, as in this case, we must make the most of the vertical space. Szymon installed his bed on the kitchen and bathroom. In the small attic has enough space to sit on the bed.

How to live in 13 square meters 4

We must also reach a compromise on the priorities of each. As Szymon did not cook, he reduced himself to the slightest expression, simply a place to prepare breakfast with a coffee maker, a small countertop and a small refrigerator. He decided he could live without an oven or kitchen. Instead, he preferred to give more space to the bathroom.