Ideas for wedding decoration

Having already decided the place where the wedding ceremony will take place, we will have to start looking for decoration ideas that go according to the proposal chosen by the future consorts, in such a way that the decoration is personalized. You can start looking at different websites or some blog with ideas for decorating your wedding where you will surely find a lot of inspiration.

Ideas for wedding decoration

So that the decoration of your wedding is unique and unforgettable, each chosen detail will make your party make the difference as curtains, towels and floral arrangements that convey personality and style.

Where do you start?

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Many couples prefer to get married in a church and then have a lunch or dinner, followed by a party in a room for the guests to have fun. In this case, the spouses will have to worry not only with one, they are with two wedding decorations . Others, for example, prefer to carry out the ceremony and the party in the same place, which facilitates the choice of decoration.

The schedule of the ceremony is also important, because depending on the schedule, the color palette may change. Daytime weddings, for example, are more appropriate for summer and the colors to be used should be those commonly called warm such as yellow, pink, red and orange. For the nocturnal marriages , the decorations would have to be more sober, with cold colors.

On the other hand, do not forget to take a look at the weather forecast to avoid running the risk of rain on the day of the wedding, if it is outdoors.

Decoration styles

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Each marriage must have its own style, with a characteristic that makes it unique and original. The ideal is to make a decoration in which the guests observe the details and think"this reflects the personality of the bride / groom", that is, it is necessary to create an identity for your wedding. This identity can be created with simple elements in the decoration through colors, arrangements, objects, and so on.

Decoration of the Church

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In general, churches have a very nice visual identity and full of details to enhance on the wedding day. If the church in which you will marry outside of that type, choose a simple decoration, similar to that of classic marriages, which uses few elements. Focus on the decoration of the altar and make your marriage wonderful.

Classic wedding decoration

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The most conservative and traditional couples, in general, convey this personality in the decoration of their wedding. The discreet and elegant elements predominate, from the flowers to the lamps. As for the color palette, the preferred one is white combined with a soft color like light pink or light blue pastel. The fewer elements there are in the decoration, the more beautiful the wedding will be.

Romantic wedding decoration

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And, of course, we can not forget the romantic brides, who dream of a decoration that starts sighs among the guests . For those couples who want a wedding like this, they will have to look for romantic elements and colors.

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Decorate with hearts balloons or white doves, or paper figures. Pink and blue are the most romantic tones.

Creative wedding decoration

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This wedding decoration needs to be creative and original. For this reason, do not be afraid to bet on a vintage wedding , with a circus theme or inspired by his favorite movie like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and so on. Spread creative details for the party room that goes according to the subject of the wedding, such as, for example, funny phrases, emoticons, etcetera.

Rustic wedding decoration

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Rustic wedding decor is perfect for outdoor weddings , especially those that take place on the beach or in the countryside. The essential elements in this type of decoration abuse flowers and rustic wood furniture (vintage type). The most curious thing about this decoration is that the elements can be created by yourself like these vases made with bottles covered with sisal thread, burlap flowers and buttons.

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If you want a rustic decoration, but still looks sophisticated, then invest in chic rustic wedding decoration , mixing simple elements with more elegant ones like lamps, crystals, flowers. The golden color is wonderful in this decoration.

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