Curtains and canapés, essential in interior decoration

Nobody questions the majesty and elegance that give curtains to a room or the functionality of folding canapés to store objects and for them these two elements are at the forefront of trends.
For a while it seemed that the curtains gave way to new ways of dressing the windows in favor of the blinds, screen or Japanese panels, but the elegance that gives curtains to a room does not surpass anything, to say for the interior decorators of the big fashion companies that claim the curtain fabrics as one of the most important decorative elements of a house. Of course, you have to be right when choosing fabrics.

Curtains and canapés, essential in interior decoration

The linen, for example, will allow the light to filter and each one of them has its details, since the shape of each window and the orientation that it has is also decisive when it comes to choosing its dress. To calculate the meters of fabrics that are needed, keep in mind that you have to add at least 30 cm. of fabric to the width of the window and 2 to 3 meters long, depending on the number of gathers that you want.

Choose the type of curtain depending on the style prevailing in the home

The current trend is for the curtains to be long , for which it is necessary to add at least 15 cm to the length of each window, but over tastes there are no disputes and there are those who prefer that the length be much greater for the curtains to be dragged, giving the room all the glamor of the rooms more sophisticated from the beginning of the last century.

Curtains and canapés, essential in interior decoration 1

The question of the fall of the fabric of curtain is essential and this will depend on the chosen fabric, for it, the heavier fabrics like those of chenille or the thick linen they obtain it in the same way that they do it other finer fabrics like linens of silk or canvas.

Curtains and canapés, essential in interior decoration 2

The question of privacy and privacy is closed with beautiful curtains, which in addition to ensuring it, turn the rooms into pleasant and comfortable places.

Functional furniture for storage in small spaces

A functional furniture like few in the home are the folding canapes , because with them we get a better rest and on top of keeping things under the bed. Among a great offer of them you have to always choose the best supports for the mattress. It is a very important piece of furniture for resting and therefore for health, so it is better to pay a little more and make sure that you have a quality support .

Curtains and canapés, essential in interior decoration 3

Being able to store the objects that we want under the bed is the solution for houses with less space, and children's folding canapés are the perfect solution to store the toys of the little ones. further , they will have them under their bed when they sleep, so they can feel safe

Curtains and canapés, essential in interior decoration 4

The first news of this furniture comes from old and although the furniture has had a great evolution to become those that we can buy today.

In Ancient Egypt they were already used, then with the intention that the owner of what was on the couch could sleep on these things without fear of being robbed. Today what is imposed is functionality and the manufacturers of canapés offer them all kinds of materials and colors so that all possible combinations can be made.

The most demanded folding canapés They are the front opening, but each room is a world and sometimes you can not access the foot of the bed for a matter of space, so that the canapés with side and front opening at the same time are already the summum of functionality. In this way you can change the furniture of the room whenever you want and without having to tell if you are going to be able to open or not the couch.

Curtains and canapés, essential in interior decoration 5