Folding desks to save space

Desks are indispensable in many homes , especially for those who work at home using the computer. However, we do not always have enough space to install it, and we end up locating it in the bedroom. However, when space is small, we have to bet on the folding and folding desks . They are also a good alternative for those who do not want to assign a place to a piece of furniture permanently that they will not use frequently.

folding desks for your home 1

Folding tables

With the folding tables you can save a lot of space , or avoid using a space unnecessarily while you do not need them. These are attached to the wall and are perfect for those who do not use them every day. It is a simple and at the same time economical proposal, since you can do it yourself. All you need is a board, some screws, some studs, two folding brackets and a drill.

folding desks for your home 2

Wall desks

The wall desks are much more complete, as they have shelves and drawers that allow us to organize and store everything we need, while saving space. There are many designs in the market and this alternative is one of the most attractive. You can find wall desks in different colors and materials. The wooden ones are the most popular, because depending on their color you can achieve a contemporary or rustic style .

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folding desks for your home 4

Integrated drop-down desks

You can also choose the integrated drop-down desks , as the bed furniture of the image. You can also integrate it into a shelf if you are thinking of making a multifunction room where your focus is purely and exclusively on storage.

folding desks for your home 5

With these three alternatives you can have a study or work area without stealing space in your room . In the market there are many solutions to save space from folding tables to folding wall desks, there are also functional furniture. To know which one is more convenient you should consider the space you have and what your needs are.

Do you dare to install a folding desk? Which option is the most convenient for you?