How to light a dark room

Only with its presence, light can expand the room, give it warmth and well-being. With some notions of decoration, you can give a different style to a dark and austere room, and turn it into a bright and full of life.

How to light a dark room

Therefore, if you have a dark room, boring and lifeless , in this post we will tell you how to illuminate it in a simple and effective way without needing to make big changes or works.

Artificial lighting

How to light a dark room 1

If the room is too dark and you do not have a window through which natural light can enter, of course you will have to resort to artificial lighting . You can choose different types of lamps and distribute them strategically in different corners. Put lamps to illuminate the reading area and at specific points, in addition to the ceiling.


How to light a dark room 2

Colors play a fundamental role when it comes to give light to an environment . If you paint the walls and even the ceiling white or other light tone, you will make the little light that enters the room is reflected in them. Remember that white is followed by beige and yellow. Use any of these shades on the walls, ceiling and textiles.

Clear furniture

How to light a dark room 3

If the ground is too dark, choose clear furniture to contrast with him and the brightness to the room. Also, you will have to avoid placing too many pieces of furniture in the room and opt for low pieces so that they do not obstruct the entrance of the sun's rays.


How to light a dark room 4

Choose curtains and shades of linen and cotton, or muslin or gauze, in light colors. On the other hand, remember Avoid dark shades in textiles , as well as on the sofa because they absorb light. If you are going to use prints, the base should be clear and match the curtains.

Curtains and accessories

How to light a dark room 5

In case you did not know, I'll tell you in the Nordic countries do not use curtains in the home environments , since they do not have too many hours of sunlight, so they try to make the most of daylight. However, if you want to put them the same, remember to use light and natural materials, smooth and clear.

Do you like cushions? Place cushions of intense colors on the sofa and cheerful like turquoise, orange, red, yellow and green. These will give light to the room.