Renew your home with curtains and sofas

Curtains are essential in home decoration , as well as offices or any other space. For this reason, your choice is complicated, because there are many possibilities in the market. Currently, the most used and not only by professionals in decoration, but by homeowners, are the Roller, vertical and Venetian blinds . If you are one of those people who want your home to look beautiful and up-to-date, change those fabric curtains without life and without style for a lot more modern and with good taste. In addition, they have many advantages for your home and in this post we will tell you what they are so that your home looks more sophisticated.

roller blind

Why buy roller blinds?

The roller blinds they satisfy the needs of the home and keep the ultraviolet rays controlled, while protecting our furniture. These come in many sizes, materials and colors and, although many people believe they are expensive, the truth is that they are cheap and can fit in any environment, no matter what your style. In addition, its deployment mechanism, makes the appearance of the house much more current, because they fold vertically.

Renew your home with curtains and sofas

These curtains are perfect for minimalist environments , which are painted in a single color. On the other hand, roller blinds are very easy to maintain and clean. For example, if you buy those that are made with bamboo, you should only pass them a cloth to remove the dust.

Renew your home with curtains and sofas 1

It should also be noted that they have great resistance and, therefore, are long-lasting. Also, thanks to its roller mechanism, these curtains occupy almost no space.

Renew your home with curtains and sofas 2

Another one The advantages of roller blinds is that they act as a thermal insulator and, thanks to this, in summer you will not have to put the air conditioning on top because they will not let the heat from the outside pass, which will allow you to save on your electricity bill. On the other hand, in winter the light will pass and will make your home stay warm.

Advantages of Venetian and vertical blinds

With Venetian blinds you can cover large areas , as well as curved spaces. You will also be able to graduate the amount of light you want to pass. This type of curtains are very used in environments and decorations, because it gives a much more professional appearance. On the other hand, it adapts to all types of styles, they are very easy to install and come in a wide range of materials and colors.

Renew your home with curtains and sofas 3

On the other hand, the vertical curtains can be found in wood or aluminum and in various finishes, whether smooth, matt, and so on. In addition, the placement of the slats will allow you to regulate the entry of light. If you close them completely, the environment will be dark. In the case of stains, avoid putting the vertical curtains in the washing machine; rather, wash them by hand. To do this, you will have to submerge them in a bathtub full of warm soapy water and let them rest for a while. Rub the dirt with a sponge and rinse. Let it dry

Renew your home with curtains and sofas 4

How to combine textiles to achieve chromatic coherence?

The sofas chaise longue they are the most practical , because they offer you comfort and, in addition, allow you to take advantage of the spaces. In addition, by its shape, you can take better advantage of the corners. Although, the elongated part of this sofa It is designed to make footrest, it also works as a seat.

Renew your home with curtains and sofas 5

For give elegance to a stay and achieve that chromatic coherence that you are looking for, use smooth cushions that have the same color as the curtains. Now, to give a fresher air to the home, you can opt for prints.

Renew your home with curtains and sofas 6

As you can see, making renovations without works is possible, both in a house as in an office or business, which is an economic saving and, of course, less inconvenience. I hope this post has been very helpful for change the decoration of your home .