Tips for painting kitchen tiles

Many times we have talked about how to change the decoration of an environment without spending too much money. For example, one of the most economical ideas to change the appearance of a room is to paint it with a new color. This time I will give you some Tips for painting kitchen tiles , since a normal wall paint is not used, but a special one for tiles.

Tips for painting kitchen tiles

If the kitchen tiles have gone out of style, it is time to renew them by choosing a specific paint for them, which can be matte or satin, water based and oil based. If you want to cover imperfections, use matte glazes, they will stand out much less. It should be noted that you can find it in a wide range of colors and that it is resistant to grease, water and cleaning products. On the other hand,

The paints for water-based kitchen tiles are acrylics and those that are oil-based are the so-called synthetic enamels. The first ones are easily cleaned with soap and water, although they are not as resistant as the others. The oil-based paints have a glossy finish and are the most chosen for the kitchen.

How to clean the tiles in the kitchen?

Tips for painting kitchen tiles 1

Before proceeding to pass the painting you will have to clean tiles and joints well , since they usually accumulate dirt. Then, dry well and place plastic protectors on the furniture and around the tiles so as not to stain them with paint.

What precise material to paint them?

To pass the painting on the tiles of the kitchen you will need a small roller or a paint gun. With both things you can achieve an excellent finish, although with the roller you will have to apply little paint, as they can get dripped. Even, it is advised to use a mask so as not to inhale the paint.

How to paint the tiles?

Tips for painting kitchen tiles 2

Apply a layer of paint not too heavy, covering each tile well. It is best to paint on warm, dry days, since the paint tends to dry quickly. On the other hand, leave the advantages open for air to run. Once the painting of kitchen tiles Be dry, remove the plastic from the furniture, or apply a protector on the paint to last longer.