Kitchen countertops: quartz or granite?

When you are remodeling your kitchen you always get the doubt of the countertop. Quartz or granite? Which will be better? Well, we want to help you a little and we invite you to do a little tour of the main pros and cons of each of these materials. I hope we get something clear in the end!

Kitchen countertops: quartz or granite?

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops combine beauty and durability. It is a very current and versatile material. This artificial stone brings together many pros and, of course, some against.

It is a material manufactured Which does not exist in Nature. This implies a great variety of designs and possibilities. It is an impermeable material that allows to install sinks below its level.

Against: Quartz worktops are manufactured in Sizes Determined so if we need a bigger one we have to join several slabs. This implies that there will be one or more joints. In these cases it is better to choose dark colors because the joints will be less visible.

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Because it is a material Non-porous Forget the sealing. And the stains!

Against : On the contrary it does not support well the hot To be a mixture of quartz and resins. We can not leave a pot fresh from the fire on the counter at risk of marking it or even break it by the sudden change of temperature.

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Being a completely waterproof material we also have to forget the Bacteria . These can not infiltrate and remain only on the surface, making removal much easier.

Against: Quartz countertops can To discolor If they receive direct sunlight for too long. We will have to keep this in mind if our kitchen has large windows.

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The durability Of the quartz countertops is very high. It is a hard and durable material that withstands everyday wear.

Against: It is not a precisely cheap , Although this factor is very elastic and will have to study well in each case.

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Granite worktops

Granite is a very popular material in the kitchen decoration today. Although you have to know well about their qualities to know what to stick to and not make a mistake in your choice.

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Granite is a rock 100% natural With a unique design made by Nature itself. We only have to go to the supplier and choose the slab we want, he will cut it and will try in the dimensions that we mark it.

Against: It is a material heavy And complicated to work. It requires specialized personnel in its handling, treatment and installation, and that obviously has its cost.

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Like quartz, granite is a very durable . With the right care can last longer than ourselves. What you have to avoid is always the blows as it can break. Apart from that we can cut the food or put hot objects on top without any problem.

Against: Its natural origin makes it not completely uniform, it can present Irregularities And of course we will never find two equal granite stones.

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That originality Of each stone is also an advantage when looking for something exclusive and personal.

Against: It is a material porous Which can absorb liquids and harbor bacteria. This is avoided with the seal and it must be redo every 3-5 years if we use a quality sealant.

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Although quartz may present more different finishes as it is a manufactured material, granite has a huge Variety of designs Natural. You can also work with different techniques that offer different finishes.

Against: Obviously the joint S are inevitable when several different stones are joined. Although it is also true that due to the drawing of the stones can camouflage quite well.