Natural Christmas trees to fall in love

Because Christmas without a beautiful tree is not Christmas. The decorative detail that can not be missing at home regardless of the decorative style or the space available to him. And this time the proposals arrive to have a Christmas tree natural. Decorating them can be quite an experience and we should never lose sight of the fact that the"natural green"should shine. Today we see these 11 super inspirational ideas to decorate them with different styles, colors and in a great variety of adornments.

Natural Christmas trees to fall in love

A simple idea to decorate a natural christmas tree and that it looks completely. Add small ornaments scattered throughout the tree leaving empty spaces for natural green to take center stage is a way to make them original and call attention. Decorating it will be simple, always remembering that what we want to look like is our natural tree. Each Christmas ornament in its right amount and size.

Natural Christmas trees to fall in love 1

This Christmas tree conquers only to see it! Do not believe it? In addition to having a beautiful natural specimen (which we can keep in a pot until the end of the holidays and then we can take it to our garden) fall in love with its decorative details. The giant bow on the tip next to the birds and the ornaments of colors and traditional style in all sizes are the perfect decoration for this tree. It is complemented by all the gifts wrapped in colored paper in its base. A magnificent idea!

Natural Christmas trees to fall in love 2

A proposal with a rustic and classic touch that will make the little ones in the house fall in love. Beautiful ornaments somewhat extravagant as candy canes and others with artistic prints, along with other more sophisticated and glam ornaments such as silver pineapples and snowflakes make it a tree that everyone in the family can admire. Without losing sight of a very classic color combination.

Natural Christmas trees to fall in love 3

For this natural Christmas tree the chosen style is a little more eclectic. Ornaments in silver and gold to combine with garlands of silver beads and golden lights. Pure glamorous style that will make it unique and very personal.

Natural Christmas trees to fall in love 4

Simple but magnificent! Lights and red ribbons - so simple but not less elegant and beautiful. A decoration easy and fast. Last detail that we can add: the gifts wrapped in white and red.

Natural Christmas trees to fall in love 5

A lot of light! To give a special and different touch we can decorate the tree with a base of lights, many lights. Of course we will keep them off during the day and we will only turn them on at night so as not to waste much energy. We complete this special lighting base with fake red berries and pineapples covered with artificial snow that will give the tree a look of being outdoors, but an extreme amount of lights that make this tree really shine

Natural Christmas trees to fall in love 6

For those who live in areas where Christmas is in winter... an idea to get out of the cold and enjoy the sea air. Decorating the Christmas tree with a beach or nautical theme is super special and unique. Starfish ornaments, lobsters and sea horses and other details give this light green tree a great marine environment.

Natural Christmas trees to fall in love 7

Burlap, paper and wood: the basis for decorating this natural tree in a range of natural colors. Christmas ornaments with natural wood, old paper Christmas cards, vintage air paper garlands, and details with burlap cloth. Maintaining a harmonious color palette is the basis for this idea.

Natural Christmas trees to fall in love 8

A wonderful ide! This tree has it all: golden geometric shapes, classic snowflakes, red birds, small aviaries, black orbs, wooden garlands, lights, probably even more hidden under the branches . The trick is to distribute the decorations evenly so that the tree looks happily full and harmonious.

Natural Christmas trees to fall in love 9

Round ornaments, small lights and thick ribbons in color along a giant tree give it a classic Christmas look. For an idea like this it is important to choose a decoration that matches the color palette of the room so that the tree is not too invasive.

Natural Christmas trees to fall in love 10

The tree of the children! A nice idea to decorate the Christmas tree is to add all ornaments made by the little ones. You will love decorating the tree even more! And it will be a real experience â???? craftyâ???? for them.