Provence decoration: decorate your house with this style

The Provencal decoration makes reference to the beautiful and romantic Provence , region of the southeast of France known for its extensive and perfumed lavender fields. The decoration is based on the romanticism and the simplicity of the country life of the place but, besides that, it is a mix of textures and colors that create a delicate and very romantic atmosphere.

Provence decoration: decorate your house with this style

In this decoration, neutral colors and pastel shades, Rustic and worn furniture , floral prints and other elements that make the rustic style much more sophisticated. And all this has a reason, because to history of Provencal decoration It has its beginning in the sixteenth century, when French peasants dreamed of a decoration similar to that of the nobles and kings, only that they did not have the resources for that. Then, they had to improvise.

The artisans began to reproduce the style of furniture of the nobles and kings , but they did it in a low quality wood and completely irregular, so the furniture presented many imperfections and, in the attempt to improve their appearance, they invented a technique of coating with plaster with which they covered the small holes and other imperfections of timber. But this coating was not very resistant, because over time it weathered and created a rustic effect on the furniture .

Provencal decoration: decorate your house with this style 1

Without knowing it they had created the patina, a technique that became known worldwide and that became one of the main references of the Provencal style .

How to make a Provencal decoration

The Provencal style can be incorporated into a modern decor and that is exactly what is happening: unite the rustic and old style to the new and sophisticated. If you wish decorate your home with Provencal style , you will have to bet on aged and rustic furniture. The aged appearance maintains the origin of the decoration, centuries ago. For that reason, it is worth reforming that old furniture of the family.

Provence decoration: decorate your house with this style 2

The beauty of Provencal decoration is that it allows you to restore the furniture yourself . This will also help you to save money, since you can reuse instead of buying and, also, because you yourself will make that reform.

The antique furniture They can be present in all rooms of the house. In the rooms, the option is to use an old bed head or an antique wardrobe, but if you want to give just a Provencal touch, choose one piece or another.

In the living room you use tables, dressers or old chairs and in the dining room, choose a rustic table with benches and chairs. In the kitchen you can also integrate the Provencal style in the bajomesada and the pantry. In the bathroom, add the Provencal decoration in the mirrors and in the cupboards.

Provencal decoration: decorate your house with this style 3

The flowers are also essential to compose the Provencal style, especially lavender. However, these do not need to be in vases, since you can use flowers in the pattern of the pillows or on the wall paper.

Color palette

Provence decoration: decorate your house with this style 4

The choice of colors interferes directly with the Provencal decoration, so it is important to choose them carefully. White is the basis of all decoration because it brings delicacy, tranquility and brightness to the environment.

To combine it, choose light tones and pastels from the blue, pink or green palette. These colors are classic in Provencal decoration and can be used both on walls and furniture, decorative objects and upholstery.

Wood and iron

Provence decoration: decorate your house with this style 5

In the Provencal decoration, wood and iron are very present. Both on the floor and on the roof it is customary to use wood. Iron is present in decoration objects and lamps, especially those located on the outside of the house. However, the furniture can also be made of iron.

Prints and stripes

Provencal decoration: decorate your house with this style 6

One of the best-known prints in Provencal decoration is the Toile de Jouy, which emerged in the eighteenth century. This print portrays the peasants' lifestyle on a white background. Generally, they are found in linen and cotton fabrics and on wall paper.

The stripes are also present in the Provencal decoration , because they reinforce the romantic air and can be incorporated through wallpaper or upholstery.

Mirrors and chandeliers

Provence decoration: decorate your house with this style 7

The mirrors and chandeliers were very common pieces in palaces. The room is the perfect place for a crystal chandelier. The mirrors can be added to any room of the house, but before buying it, pay attention to the mirror frame, since this is an important detail when composing the Provencal decoration. Choose delicate frames for provide romanticism to the environment .