The beginning of a professional interior decorating

In recent years, the figure of interior designer has become more and more famous, to become one of the most creative and sought after professions in the market. However, as in most trades, a good designer requires perseverance and good training, both theoretical and practical. Therefore, make a course of interior decoration It is always the first and best step to get into the wonderful world of interior design.

The beginning of a professional interior decorating

This type of interior decoration courses are flexible and very comfortable, since they offer the possibility of following a long distance education through Campus training and allow their students to acquire all the basic and essential knowledge to become an interior design professional:

The beginning of a professional interior decoration 1

  • Have knowledge of drawing in the technical and artistic field to be able to capture the decorative project.
  • Identify the different types of rooms and functions of a house.
  • Project and set each space knowing what are the elements that make it up.
  • Know the steps to follow to carry out a global ambience project.
  • Distinguish the possibilities, limitations and needs of construction materials and the facilities of a home.

The learning and putting into practice of this knowledge will give the students the necessary tools to know how to decorate interiors in a professional way. Being a training of this type, the courses are aimed at a wide variety of public: design professionals, architects, draughtsmen, surveyors, students of fine arts, decoration stores, furniture experts and, in general, any interested party. in acquiring knowledge of interior decorator at a professional level.

After the training, students who have completed the course will be given the title of"interior decorator"that has university endorsement, as well as the diplomas of"Specialist in advertising techniques"and"Computer-assisted design Autocad" of complementary e-learning training. In addition, they can also obtain the accreditation of the basic"Prevention of occupational risks"course.

This type of course is, without doubt, the best way to start in the world of interior design, which lives in an interesting process of boiling. Tristan Auer, or as he is often called"Monsieur Auer", has just been named the designer of the year at the prestigious Maison & Objet fair in Paris. He is a good example of creativity and daring. Thanks to his talent, today we know and enjoy the so-called"bespoke"or"made-to-measure"interior design.

Auer wanted to innovate, flee from existing styles to create something new, innovative. "When I started to project interior architecture in my own studio, nobody made projects that fit the personality of the person who was going to inhabit them. I took a risk, it was a challenge, to flee from the preconceived style that then marked the interior design workshops, and from references and concrete periods in the history of architecture and art in general,"says Auer.

Currently, the professionalism of Auer is applauded and requested by a large number of clients, including hotels, fashion firms and aristocrats. So, you know, if you want to start in the profession of interior decorator, have your own style, be a reference for the rest, and even get to be named designer of the year, these interior decoration courses are the best way to Start with your training and get your title of"Interior decorator".