Tips to survive a small kitchen

We all want have a dream kitchen like those that appear in magazines. However, not all of us have enough space to have a central island, breakfast table and storage cabinets .

Tips to survive a small kitchen

If you have to settle for a few square meters and do without many things, follow these tips and make it the kitchen of your dreams.

Opt for a folding table

Tips to survive a small kitchen 1

If you want save space in your kitchen , you can sign up for a folding table. When folded you can use it for breakfast or to place some ornaments and when it is open, you can make a much more complete meal.

Bet on the target

Tips for surviving a small kitchen 2

Do not complicate your life thinking what color is fashionable for the walls of your kitchen and bet on white. This color helps multiply light in the environment , generating a sense of clarity. It also gives a feeling of spaciousness and combines with many elements. In addition, being a neutral color, it is ideal to decorate the kitchen regardless of the style of it.

If you want some color, but do not want to lose all the advantages that white offers, opt for the soft versions of colors such as yellow or lime green.

Choose a functional furniture

Tips for surviving a small kitchen 3

A kitchen bar is a perfect complement to have an extra place to eat and work. Opt for a functional furniture like this and that not only serves as a bar but also as shelves.

The doors that are sliding

Tips for surviving a small kitchen 4

An excellent way to gain space in the kitchen is placing sliding doors. In this way, you can take advantage of every nook and cranny and you will not have any empty corner. In addition, its opening capacity is greater than that of conventional doors and are easy to operate, especially by elderly or those who have a motor problem.

Install shelves

Tips for surviving a small kitchen 5

Cupboards or cupboards take up a lot of space and make the kitchen look even smaller. However, it is necessary to have where to store things for keep the kitchen tidy . The trick not to motley is to replace some shelves to store utensils and have everything you need at hand.

Wide luminosity

Tips for surviving a small kitchen 6

Let the sun come through the windows if you have them, if not, light up your kitchen using LEDS under the upper cupboards or shelves to see the food better. In addition, it adds spotlights and lights on the ceiling.