Trends in kitchen decoration 2017

We are almost on track towards the last quarter of the year and it is a good time to do a compilation of the latest trends in kitchen decoration. We have focused on those that we think can have a longer journey and be fashionable for quite some time.

Trends in kitchen decoration 2017

When you go to assemble your kitchen from scratch or to reform the pre-existing you have to take into account first what you like and then think is also whether you see future or not to those latest trends so fashionable that you see everywhere. There are very hot trends that cool down immediately and it is very sad to have a kitchen for a couple of years and realize that it has been totally out of phase.

Trends in kitchen decoration 2017 1

The combination of black and white is a timeless trend that has already become a classic in modern kitchens. This island in black stands out a lot on the white background of the kitchen. If we add some touches of stainless steel, even if only in appliances, we will be creating a very interesting contrast.

Trends in kitchen decoration 2017 2

The furniture of simple and clear lines have become the kings of today's kitchens. Smooth, without any ornament they help to create a clean, current and fresh kitchen. We can opt for those who do not have shooters or with them but the same linear style. The lighting should follow the same premises but gives us a little more margin to create some contrast.

Trends in kitchen decoration 2017 3

Although stainless steel is still the predominant metal in modern kitchens, we can also resort to copper to provide a bit more warmth. Although closely related to classic and vintage kitchens can fit perfectly in a current kitchen.

Trends in kitchen decoration 2017 4

A very recent trend is that of stamped floors, perhaps as a way of introducing color and complexity to today's neutral kitchens. They are also a great way to give personality to your kitchen. But of course it is not an easy resource but you have to take into account issues such as size of pattern, type and layout. The large prints look good in small kitchens because they give a feeling of spaciousness. The small and very elaborate prints have a very powerful visual impact. You also have to take into account the design of the pattern to fit well in your environment.

Trends in kitchen decoration 2017 5

We finish here our small relationship of latest trends and you will surely remain just as insecure. I understand, when you have to make a strong investment in decorating your kitchen, you want it to last long enough without being left out of the loop. I repeat, good taste is fundamental, choose what you like and surely you will not go wrong. For the simple reason that if your kitchen makes you feel good you will love it for a long time. And as you have seen based on the neutral tones is essential to achieve a lasting kitchen.